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hey guys! so, in celebration of my recently reached goal, i decided to make my first follow forever! it’s also a way of thanking you for putting up with me every day and for making my tumblr experience the best so far :~D.

i also would like to give a special mention to mari, a.k.a. my baby. mariana (yes i know you hate it, now suck it up! lmao) if i knew that talking to you would get me to know one of the most amazing people i’ve ever met, i would’ve done it sooner, truly. i mean- we’ve talked for almost two months and i already trust you so much; i can talk to you about pretty much anything and i feel like i can be myself while doing so. you’re the sweetest person and an angel and i love you lots! ❤.

now, let’s get down to business! down here are my mutuals (and some non-mutuals too). you guys are truly amazing; you make my life (online, as well as offline) happier and i really love you all! (even if we don’t talk much, i do, i’m just a little shy :~( ).

ps. (the ones in bold deserve the world!)

pss. (the ones in italics are the people i love from afar)

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Anonymous said:

What was your reaction when Liam said on twitter that he's not gay and what do you think about this situation ?/ if ziam is real why did he tweet that?/sorry if this annoys you , I'm not trying to be rude I just want to know. ..

I didn’t have a reaction. Were people expecting him to say he was gay? I mean its not surprising that he would deny being attracted to men. So…yeah

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Anonymous said:

People are being so extra rn lol they need to chill I honestly can't go through my dash without feeling second hand embarrassment


i just don’t get why ppl think it’s weird that the boys are promoting their single lmao i mean they are part of one’s their song..

bands/musicians/actors/blah blah always promote their shit on social media like this isn’t an unusual thing for them to be doing yet everyone is acting like it’s the most bizarre thing in the world

yea management could be doing better BUT it’s like ppl forget everything one direction has achieved ??? and ppl keep complaining about how we never get bts stuff or interviews anymore but…we…do…. ????? yeah it’s not nearly enough as previous years but we do still get those things lmao. times have changed. they’ve grown up. yes we used to get video we get sold out stadium tours in countries all over the world. and these tours take up a huge chunk of time..yet they still show up for things like the iheartradio festival, the brits, radio 1 big weekend, etc. they still do events for things like rays of sunshine. and i know promo for the fragrances and books may be considered silly to a lot of people but we still get fun videos and interviews from stuff like that

ppl praying for shit to go back to how it was during the UAN era need some perspective ‘cause it’ll never be that way again - things are TOTALLY different now. their careers, their fanbase, their music, everything has escalated way beyond those times. 

i just think people expect SO SO SO much from them and therefore they’re always disappointed. i choose not to be one of those people ~

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1dhq: go buy the single



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tell us what happened in wellington and i’ll buy ur weak ass song  

For example…you can’t blame modest for statements like the above. 

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1D are established artist and are the biggest thing in the world. 5sos are not. They are clearly going to do what they did for 1D to 5sos. 1D don’t need that. Modest/HJPR are trying to make more money. Guys this is a business. Maximize profit. 1D are at the top. If 5sos get to the top that’s even more green. 

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everyone on my dash rn acting like one direction are starving artists who can’t get ppl to buy their product like

let us all take a deep breath

stare at this picture of zayn. everything will be fine


Everything will not be fine if you show me ANY pic of Zayn. Things will not be FINE!

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You know I’m not opposed to Zayn and Liam becoming a dynamic R&B duo if this is the beginning of the end for 1D

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The biggest supporters of 1D are not Modest/HJPR. The biggest supporters are the fans. No amount of promotion and money spent is going to generate more fans if the fans that are already here don’t support the single themselves.